Terms & Conditions and Additional Information

Our Terms and Conditions of Business

By using our service you agree to our terms and conditions of business

1.0 Initial visit
For your first clean only there may be a one off charge to cover the additional time taken on the initial clean, this varies with house size and frequency of ongoing cleans, this will be explained when signing up.

1.05 What can I expect
Our pure water cleaning system is very effective at cleaning general dirt from your windows, if you have builders residue (e.g. plaster, concrete and paint etc.) stickers or adhesive,  staining/discoloration on windows or frames from chemicals or rust and UV bleaching of frames on your windows, pure water will not be effective at removing these, please notify us when we call to arrange your first clean.

1.1 How often will we visit
We offer the choice of every 4, 8 or 12 weekly visits or one off visits. We ask for some flexibility on time scales due to rain and other factors of a week either side of the time due.

1.2 Bad Weather
We will always try to not clean your windows in the rain, however we do still work in light rain or short showers. Our promise to you is that the results will still be the same. If rain is heavy, we will not clean your windows. Your clean will carry over to the next working day.

1.3 Turning us away
We will try to be as reliable as we can for you, but we also appreciate the customer being reliable. We will make time and space in our schedule for you. On the day of the clean it is too late for us to replace your clean with another. We reserve the right if turning our team away at the door or cancelling on the day with our office, to charge you the full price expected and/or cancel any ongoing service with us. We also reserve the right to charge the full price expected if access on the day has not been made available by the customer.

1.4 Ending our services
If for one reason or another you should wish to cancel our services you have the right to do so at any time. This can be done by telephone on 07769 815711 or by email to info@allprocleans.co.uk. However, we do not offer one off window cleans, by using our services you agree to a minimum of 3 cleans. If cancelling before 3 cleans have taken place the remaining cleans will be payable.

1.5 Complaints procedure
We will always try to provide you with the best possible service every time we clean your windows. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our work, you must contact us within 24 hours of the clean. We will then return the next working day to re clean your windows for free. Please note that complaints made after 24 hours may not be re cleaned. Please note we operate a no refund policy, we will rectify work you are not happy with free of charge provided we are informed within 24 hours of the clean date.

1.6 Confidentiality
All customer information is kept on a confidential database and is not discussed or shared with any individual or company, as is required under the terms and conditions of the data protection act.

1.7 Payments
Customers joining our 4 /8 or 12 weekly rounds are required to pay via our direct debit system Gocardless which can be set up on our payments page. Payments are then automatically collected 5 days after each clean. Customers booking one of services such as gutter clearing , or external cleaning, who are not joining our regular rounds are required to pay by credit or debit card in advance. This can be done over the phone with our office on 07769 815711 or BACS TRANSFER Once payment is made, we will book the job to be completed within 1 week



  1. Our terms do not affect your statutory rights.
  2. The customer agrees to permit access to the property, which is subject of the work by allproclean on an unrestricted basis during reasonable working hours.
  3. All work is guaranteed for a 18 month period on payment and completion.
  4. The contract cannot be varied by either party except where the variations are agreed by both the customer and Allproclean or in writing.
  5. All prices are subject to a free site inspection and e-mail quotation.
  6. Allproclean reserves the right to cancel any orders if advised by our technical surveyors.
  7. Pressure cleaning will not revive fading of colour due to sunlight or age.
  8. Any site clearance required prior to works may incur additional charges.
  9. Free access to a good water supply and 240V power socket from clients property is required.
  10. Oil, solvent, chewing gum and cement stains may not be removed in all cases.
  11. All areas to be worked on within the site / project specifics must be sound in construction.
  12. Many sites will require a return visit as surfaces need to be clean and dry before commencing the full restoration including the re-sanding or sealing work.
  13. Pressure cleaning may loosen or remove unsound, broken, damaged or perished Surfaces, pointing, blocks, paving stones and insecure brickwork. In all cases the cost of any reinstatement will be the customer’s responsibility. These works may be carried out by us or by a third party.
  14. All prices within e-mail quotation valid subject to at least half of the e-mail work being accepted.
  15. Allproclean will use its best endeavours to commence the work on or as close as possible to any appropriate start dates agreed. Failure to meet any agreed start date due to inclement weather or for whatever reason will not be a condition to cancel the contract.
  16. Upon completion of this contract, any further work or remedial work needing to be carried out must be submitted to Allproclean in writing clearly identifying the location of the problem.
  1. Payment in full is required upon completion less any deposit paid.
  2. Payment by electronic transfer, cash or cheque.
  3. Payment Terms Same Day from date of e-mail requesting payment..
  4. Overdue accounts will incur interest on a daily basis at 2% above base rate.
  5. Late payments will be pursued using a debt recovery agency, the cost of which will be accounted for by the client.


You (the customer) have the right to cancel this contract should you wish to do so. You may exercise this right by delivering, or sending (including by electronic mail) a cancellation notice to 8 Rivermeade, Bordon GU350HQ( or e-mail: ALLPROCLEAN@HOTMAIL.COM  This must be done within the period of 14 days after acceptance of the quotation. This notice of cancellation will be deemed to have been served as soon as it is posted or sent (or in the case of an electronic communication, from the day it is sent). The letter must clearly state the customer name, site address and total value of the written quotation that formed the contract.

If you (the customer) cancels the contract other than in accordance with the above terms and conditions, allproclean reserves the right to charge the following, which represent losses and expenses incurred by the company prior to cancellation.

  • 25% of the contract value where the customer cancels the contract outside of the “14 days / right to cancel” period clearly described above.
  • 50% of the contract value where the customer cancels the contract outside of the “14 days / right to cancel” period and after commencement of the scope of works detailed within the quotation.


Additional Information

We are a Driveway, Patio & Decking Cleaning Service operating in Hampshire, Surrey & West Sussex

Our professional services can deep clean and restore a wide variety of surfaces using an industrial high pressure washing force up to 275 bars (4,000 psi) with a detachable flat surface cleaning system operated by qualified staff.
The unique powerful flat surface cleaning system eliminates the risks of damaging your driveway and easily wipes off any zebra striping and lines caused by domestic power washers. and it is totally chemical free . We go out of our way to bring new life into your hard surfaces and paved areas. We use Smart Seal Products, we pride on using this best selling UK product, for wonderful long lasting results.

Allprocleans Exterior Cleaning  Services understands the importance of protecting your investment in your property by having a decoratively paved driveway or patio Jet-Washed. We are here to help you maintain that investment and ensure that your property looks its best at all times

Our cleaning service will remove the build up of moss, weeds, surface grime, algae and Oil or Diesel Stains.

We recommend re-sanding and re-sealing your paving to help protect it further, not only does re-sanding bring new life to your patio or driveway, but by sealing the surface, weeds are prevented from growing back so quickly.

High pressure Jet Washing for Commercial and Private Clients

  1. Block Re-Sanding & Sealing
  2. Decking Cleaning & Staining
  3. Natural Sandstone & Slate Sealing
  4. Crazy Paving Sealing
  5. Imprinted & slab Concrete Sealing
  6. Re-Pointing & Mortar Repairs
  7. Moss & Lichens Removal Treatment
  8. Oil and Diesel Removal
  9. Weeds & Fungus removal
  10. Chewing-gum Removal
  11. Graffiti Removal
  12. 1 Story Roof & Gutter Cleaning
  13. Porch Roof Cleaning
  14. Tarmac Restoring
  15. Wet Pour & Tennis Courts
  16. Car Park Cleaning
  17. Conservatory Jet-Washing
  18. General Gardening with Jet-Washing
  19. Garden Tidy up & Green Waste Removal
  20. Commercial & Residential Properties

Block-Paving Cleaning only: £2.50 per sq metre 

Cleaning & Re-sanding dry Kiln Sand: £3.00 per sq metre

Cleaning & Joints Brush in Cement: £7.50 per sq metre Cleaning,

Re-sanding & Sealing Polyurethane Eggshell Finish: £6.00 per sq metre Cleaning, Re-Sanding & Sealing Smart Seal® choices of Silk, Gloss Finish: £8.00 per sq metre

Hot Wash Cleaning & Mould Treatment Chemical Free: £6.00 per sq metre

Patio Slabs & Natural Sand Stone Cleaning & Mould Treatment: £3.00 per sq metre Cleaning, 

Mould Treatment & Sealing SmartSeal® choices of Colour Enhanced Finish Dry or Natural Finish: £9.00 per sq metre

Pattern Imprinted Concrete Cleaning only: £2.50 per sq metre Cleaning & Sealing: £6.50 per sq metre Cleaning & Paint Sealer, choices of colour Smart Seal®: £8.50 per sq metre

Crazy Paving Cleaning only: £2.50 per sq metre Cleaning & Sealing SmartSeal® choices of Silk or Natural: £7.50 per sq metre

Tarmac Cleaning only: £2.50 per sq metre Cleaning & Tarmac Paint: £8.00 per sq metre


Cleaning & Decking Stripping Treatment only: £4.00 per sq metre 

Cleaning & Decking Oil Ultimate Protection Ronseal® choices of 6 colour: £9.00 per sq metre

Cleaning & Decking Stain Ultimate Protection Ronseal® choices of 12 colours: £9.00 per sq metre

Oil & Diesel Stains Removal 

Oil Stain Treatment £15.00 per sq metre 

Diesel Stain Removal £15:00 per sq metre
Wet Pour Playground Rubber & Tennis Courts Wet Pour Cleaning (Hot Wash)£6.00 per sq metre Wet Pour Cleaning Hot Wash + Mould Treatment£8.00 per sq metre

Roofs, Walls & Gutter Cleaning Porch

Roof Cleaning £5.50 per sq metre House Walls £6:00 per sq metre Gutter Cleaning  £6.00 per metre

Graffiti Removal Walls, Bricks or Wood (min charge £60) 

Graffiti Removal Plastered walls £25 per sq metre House Walls £25 per sq metre Fence Graffiti Removal£25 per sq metre
Waste Removal Garden and Masonry Garden Waste Removal £25 up to 2 bags Masonry waste  £25 per bag Weed killing Treatment£45 up to 50 sq metres

Please Note: there will be Discounts applicable to 80sqm and over see below details

Our Prices are GROSS there is no VAT included and none would be added

Please Note there will be an added 15% Discount on the washing over 80 square metres 

Please Note there will be an added 20% Discount on the washing over 100 square metres

Please Note there will be an added 25% Discount on the washing over 150 square metres

Please Note there will be an added 30% Discount on the washing over 500 square metres 

  1. Public Liability insurance 1,000,000.00
  2. CC and ULEZ charges will be added to the invoice
  3. Gardening is at £15 hourly rate and Garden waste removal is not included
  4. Cancellation fee of £60 to be applied if notice given less then 24h for jobs under £500
  5. Furniture, Pots, Vehicles and other items on the Paving need to be removed by the customer prior cleaning
  6. Oil stains or masonry will be removed only if required, there is no obligation to undergo removal treatment
  7. Parking for the van and equipment should be provided alternatively, Parking charges or Fines will be added to the bill
  8. Discounts are validated within a 5 working-day payment window. Later payments will result in the full charge being re-implemented
  9. A minimum of 25 square metres charge will apply for Block Paving and a minimum charge of 30 square metres will apply for other Paving if area is below size requirements
  10. De-weeding refers to naturally pulling weeds via the Jet-washing, no chemical is applied, unless Client requests a weed killing treatment £45 up to 60 square metres. PN: Extremely weedy Pavings  such as: tall, tough weeds or tree seedlings will have to be hand pulled and bagged for your disposal, alternatively waste removal would be added separately
  11. An Admin Fee of 10% would be applied on Commercial Companies that require: forms, registration, vetting, invoices, and delayed payment processes
  12. Please note: Sometimes when we survey a property we cannot detect underlying Oil or Masonry stains so that could be an added extra on the quotation
  13. Oil stains are treated as extra £15 (up to 100% success removal if stain is under 3 month) it is highly recommended a Wet-Look Sealer to better mask oil Stains for an even look
  14. Half or Full Payment is Required after the Jet-washing Stage, the balance can be paid on completion (Cash or bacs Payment Transfers only)
  15. Late Payments 3 days and over will incurs in a 5% fee which will be invoiced. Should we not receive the latter by 14 days, customers details will be used to start court proceedings.
  16. Diesel and Hydraulic Stains can be substantially more challenging and more damaging than standard engine Oil, therefore the results may not be as successful as expected
  17. Jobs over £500 will require a 50% deposit 2 working days prior to start date, should deposit not reach us in time, we will carry out the 1st Stage (Jet-Wash) however the 2nd Stage (Sealing) will have to be rescheduled until Deposit has cleared.
  18. Masonry stain or concrete or paint may not always be removed. but require extra treatment £15 sqm or £60 up to 45 square metres  (up to 80% Success removal based on the mortar/cement composite and length of time have been on the paving), No removal guarantee however treatment charges are still applied
  19. We always endeavour to carry out our jobs to the best of our abilities and to match 100 % of customer expectation & satisfaction, however due to the nature of certain paving composites, i.e. Flagstones, Granite, Basalt, Slate, Limestone, Concrete mixes & much more or the way in which they were installed and the agents they were exposed to, We cannot always foretell or guarantee an even sealant finish throughout the paving. Although we will attempt to repair the paving it is not always possible. In any circumstances for the above mentioned reasons full payment must be fulfilled on completion. Any discounts or reductions will be applied by ourselves at our discretion
Allprocleans fully insured window cleaners


GU35 0HQ,

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