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Window cleaners do some work from the safety of the ground, with reach and wash systems.

Using reverse osmosis and de-ionisation technology, tap water is purified removing all traces of dissolved minerals and impurities. This water is transported in tanks and then pumped up telescopic poles with brush heads. Dirt is scrubbed from your frames, glass and sills, then the window is rinsed and left to dry naturally. As the water is pure it dries without leaving any marks or soap residue! Read more…


conseratory cleaning

As a modern building attachment, a conservatory’s pristine look is one of many stunning features. Dirt and other types of grime can gather on conservatory roofs quite easily and must be cleaned routinely to avoid its concentration and dirt build-up. With our meticulous and professional approach, we guarantee a thorough cleaning service that provides your conservatory with a new feel and allows you to enjoy your time with your loved ones.

Our premium deep clean will remove moss, algae and mildew build-up on your UPVC, glass, polycarbonate and gutters. The cleaning solutions we use are adapted for removing these pollutants, giving your conservatory a longer life span.  Our team will access all those areas that you can’t reach with their safe specialised roof ladders. Read more…

Gutters & Fascia Cleaning

Why clean your gutters?
Clogged gutters can contribute to water buildup around your home which could cause damage to the foundation of your home and basement flooding.

During the winter months, a clogged gutter can contribute to damaging gutters, that can lift your Tiles and cause significant damage to your roof’s substructure.

Water buildup can cause hazardous mould that is bad to breathe and leaves unsightly spots on your home. Gutters filled with rain water provide a breeding ground for insects. Read more…

Soft Washing


Soft washing is a newer and eco-friendly technology that allows us to tackle more delicate areas, such as Roofs, Cladding, UPVC, Walls and decks, while still yielding the same powerful results and mitigating possible damage. Soft washing provides a solution that kills the bacteria that cause unsightly spots and is safer for your property.

Power and pressure washing is better suited for equally strong materials, such as concrete and stone. Read more…

Solar Panels

Solar panels need to be clean to generate power effectively. Softwashing is the perfect way to clean them without damaging electrics or roof tiling.
Any man-made or organic residue or film that blocks transmission of sunlight to photovoltaic solar (or thermal) panels can substantially diminish their performance. Less light means less energy, leading to a lower return on a commercial or domestic investment in renewables.  Often the offenders are moulds, algae, and bacterial atmospheric growths that can be removed by softwashing. While rainwater is thought to keep solar panels as clean as they need to be , this is not the case.

solar panel cleaning

Environmental factors such as salt in seaside locations, or dust and grime from highways and railways, can decrease output dramatically. When monitoring their own vast power usage, Google proved that  regular solar panel cleaning can improve panel performance by up to 12%.

While it may seem obvious and simple to clean the panels yourself, tap water when used in isolation is not up to the task, since residues and deposits of salt and minerals on the panels are left behind after tap water treatment. Using chemical free pure water these deposits can be eliminated. Old fashioned cleaning methods, like high pressure cleaning, are too violent for the technology, and will damage photovoltaic cells, and reduce the shelf-life and performance of solar panels.

When cleaning solar panels, we use a clearly defined softwashing process which brings these vital technologies back their optimum, using 0% chemicals and only pure water.

We use extendable water fed poles wherever possible, and cherry pickers to avoid needing unnecessary access to the roof.

We use localised soft brushes that offer maximum protection for solar panels.

Softwashing will bring your solar panels back to their peak, returning your investment and keeping them performing for as long as the sun keeps shining. Read more…

Exterior Pressure Washing - Patios/Decking/Driveways


Power and pressure washing is better suited for equally strong materials, such as concrete and stone. It can blast away those extra tough spots that won’t budge.

Power and pressure washing are not suited for all materials or situations, which is why it is so important to recruit a professional to get the job done efficiently and safely. Read more…

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